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You continued to gaze out of the window you sat next to, playing with your [h/c] hair again, not caring about taking notes or listening to what Mr. Smith was even talking about. Stuck in your own world and fantasizing about your "senpai" or what looked like it since he sure didn't look like he was a first year. 

Giving yourself a light slap on both your cheeks snapping you back to reality, Mr. Smith called on you to answer a question. You looked all around you at all the gleaming eyes piercing at your figure. "Umm..Jean..What are we talking about and what's the answer?" you asked Jean with a nervous smile on your face. "He asked 'What was the order of the organs from which food passes through from the beginning to the end of the process'" He whispered back at you. 

"Thanks a bunch, Jean!" You say as you then answer the question. As soon as Mr. Smith praised you for answering it correctly even though you didn't pay attention for even a second. "Ohmigawd! I can't believe that was correct! I'm so awesome~" You think to yourself hoping that you won't be called again now that you're back in your own thoughts.

~After 1st period class~

"Ahh," you sighed to yourself, "now to find my next class."


Still roaming around foreign school grounds, you wander all over the place hoping that you'll find the gym soon. "Please let me be on time this time!" praying to yourself under your breath as you walked quicker in the direction you hoped was the correct way to the gym. You saw many other people walking into the doors of what looked like the locker rooms since the huddled groups were assorted by gender.


You paused for a second. "Great not again.. I was so close too!" giving you're head a little punch for being slow the first part of your classroom expedition. You ran into one of the rooms not paying attention to which room was the girl's or boy's lockers. A hot turnip-red colour flushed your shocked face. Now you realized which room you were in. The boy's lockers. Taking a glance, you saw some of the boy's in your gym class. Eren, Armin, Jean, and Connie. Not to mention one other person. Him! "Of all people, it just HAD to be him!" you screamed in your mind, feeling your face getting even more hotter with the sight of him already almost half-naked, with his shirt unbuttoned all the way.

"Uh..I'M SO SORRY!!I wasn't paying attention to which door I walked through! exclaimed as you barged outta there. "Ok, now how much worse can this day get!?" scolding yourself as you walked into the other locker room with almost nobody there because they already finished changing. 

You changed into PE clothes like all the other girls, but as soon as you walked outside, you could feel your [s/c] skin feel all warm again as you found the man of your dreams. You stared at him for what felt like an eternity again, but you find out you shouldn't have, because you were still walking and walked right into a pole. "Why must karma hit me hardest today on my first day of transferring schools and even embarrassing myself in front of the one I like now?!" you say in your head rubbing your nose that's even redder from the impact.

"Are you alright [First]? Do you need an ice pack from the nurse?" Mikasa asked, who was apparently in the same class as you.

"No, I'll cope with it" you respond to her.

After you stopped talking, the PE teacher came out to the field. It was Mr. Shadis.. Lovely, since you heard from a few students earlier that he was one hell of a teacher, being so strict and all.

"ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS! GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND RUN A MILES WORTH OF LAPS AROUND THE FIELD! YOUR GRADES WILL DROP IF YOU TAKE A BREAK" the teacher screamed at you guys, grabbing all of your attentions. "Man..He really is strict!" you murmured to yourself. You and everyone started running laps since, hell, who'd want to get lectured by him? Plus, you tried your best to stay outta trouble for the rest.

After the 2nd lap, your thin legs already felt like melting. You've never did this much exercising before at your previous school, nor were you ever forced to. You missed those days, but that wasn't the time to think about that. The only thing lingering through your head was finishing this assignment and him in the distance, the same position as the beginning of the period. Trying to keep pushing yourself to run further, you couldn't feel your legs anymore, better yet, feeling really light-headed.

 "Don't give up [First]..Don't give up just yet.." you say under your breath or what was left of it. 

"DON'T YOU STOP NOW [LAST] KEEP GOING!" Shadis yelled at you faintly, unconsciousness taking control of your body.

"....Eh? ..Where am- Ow!", you sat yourself up slowly on what seemed to be the infirmary.

"Don't push yourself, [First]" said a voice not too far away. "You're at the Infirmary; passed out in P.E. Th'name's Ms. Hanji; you feelin' better?" she asks kindly. "Oh..Yeah, I'm fine.." you reply, "Ah! Wait..What period is it now?" 

"Middle of 3rd; I informed your teacher already so you wouldn't get into trouble." Ms. Hanji informs you. "Thanks! That's a little more relieving..Well, I'm going; don't wanna be any later than I already am." you say.. "Oh! Before you leave, take this ice pack just in case" the nurse tells you while handing you a small bag of ice. "Alright. See ya!"

When you walked out of the infirmary, you suddenly realized that you have no clue what area you're at. Now back to searching all over the place to get back to the classroom. It was fairly easy since you've seen most of the surrounding classes before which was a big relief on your part. Gradually moving faster, you reach the floor of your class.

"Alright! Just one more set of steps and then my class ." You tell yourself mentally.

-Nope just a body right in the face-

"Gah!" a squeak escaped your mouth on the impact. 

"Tch" you heard, a deep voice you were fond of. "Oh God, please no-!" you flinched, holding your head with the hand that used to hold the bag of ice. "Crap....not that too..." Opening your eyes, you found both of you on the floor, and all the ice spilled onto the floor and a few on your uniforms. "-!! I'm so sorry again!" you say apologizing, reaching over to try and pick up the mess you made. Again. He grabs your wrist to stop you. "Filthy" He calls you "You've got dirt all over you. -Tch. When are you not annoying?" He says in an ever so coldly tone with the same expressionless face he wears no matter what (which kinda stabbed you; having your crush insulting you). 

"I-I'm sorry...I-I want to help clean up!" you apologize again for like, the billionth time, demanding to help. "No. You've caused enough trouble today. Not to mention every period now." More stabs pierced through you. "I'll make up for it! I promise I'll do everything you ask me to do!" you pleaded, forgetting you now had to be in class pronto but, hey, it's your worst day so far; you're going to make up for it later...right? 

He paused for a few seconds. "...Fine. Right after school, go to the student council room and meet me there. And try not to be late." That's gunna be a problem, not familiar with the campus.

And with that, the school bell ended your first decent conversation with him, still not knowing his name you longed to know. 
So many of you liked the first part ;u; it makes me so happy :iconexcitedblushplz:
I'm like on a roll with coming up with ideas xDDDDD and they're mostly all during class :|
So outta nowhere, I'd be like fangirling and laughing my guts out and people around me think I'm crazy xD
All characters belong to Shingeki no Kyojin by Hajime Isayama
You're yourself c:
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