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September 26, 2013
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"There goes the bell for homeroom! I'm gunna be late!" you say after finally walking into the school grounds after what felt like forever trying to search for your new school all morning.

"Okay class, today, you are expected a new transfer student." announced your homeroom teacher, Mr. Smith, to the rest of the class. Many surprised expressions spread across the room as the teacher made this announcement.

"Ackerman, Mikasa" the teacher said. 
"Here" Mikasa replied with a stoic expression like always.
"Arlert, Armin" 
"Present" Armin said with a sparkle in his eyes as he was eager to know what the new student was going to be like. 


"I'm not that late am I?" you ask as you burst into the classroom.
"A few minutes late, but I just started taking roll so you're off the hook." Mr. Smith tells you in a somewhat gentle tone.
"Here's the new transfer student, [First][Last]. From here on out, she'll be working with you all throughout the year and I hope that you all will get along with her."
"Um.. N-Nice to meet you all.... I-I hope we can work to-together!" you stuttered as you stand in front of the class with everyone staring at you with gleaming eyes.
"Your seat will be the empty one by the window next to Jean." the teacher says pointing at the seat and Jean giving a little wave.

As you make your way to your seat, you could feel all the other students stare at you. You could hear them say things like "Woahhh! She's so cute!" "It's like an angel descended to us from heaven!" all around. Then you start to twiddle your index finger with your bangs trying to hide a light shade of pink across your face. Just as you sat down, everyone around you huddled closer and closer to you and asked you all sorts of questions.

"Where did you come from?" 

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"What's your number?" 

"What perfume do you use?"  

"Uh-..Um--! I-" You tried to say before getting cut off multiple times by more questions. "Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom!" You shouted trying to silence everyone.

As you finally managed to free yourself from that ruckus, you tried searching up and down the halls for the restrooms. Surprisingly, it didn't take so long since it was right around the corner of your class. 

You walked in and started rinsing your face and then combing some knots out of your [h/c] locks with your fingers. "Jeez.. I really wish I didn't have to stand out so much today.." you murmured to yourself looking into the mirrors. "Hopefully they all get over it in a few days or so.." taking a heavy sigh before you walk out.

 Walking out of the restroom, the bell rang signalling that break time's over. "Great, I hope I don't get marked as tardy again on my first day of school!" you say to yourself as you gradually walked faster. Not knowing who was right around the corner, you bumped headfirst into whoever was walking back to their classes. "Ah! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you comin-" you paused as you saw who it was. You didn't know who it was but you thought he was gorgeous. Those raven black strands of his hair swaying as he was knocked off guard dropping some of his books he had in his hands.

"Ah- Sorry! I'll help pick them up-" you offered, but as you were cut off, the student rejected you and said "Tch. Just get back to class." in a coldly manner. 

Feeling a little sad you couldn't at least spend another minute or two being around that beautiful man, you went back to class just as he ordered you to.

"You're late again miss [Last]" Mr. Smith scolded you in front of the class making you feel embarrassed once again. "May I ask what you were doing?"
"I-I went to the restroom and then bumped into someone, s-sir." You replied with a few stutters. 

"...I'll let you off the hook for now but next time you're late for class, I'm giving you detention." He tells you trying not to sound angry at his new student.
"Thank you, sir, I'll try not to be late again." you tell him hoping that it really won't happen again.

You scurried back to your desk with a bashful face thinking to yourself "Oh great..I made myself stand out even more. How embarrassing can this day get?"

Some people around you tried cheering you up by asking what was wrong. You just simply replied that you were a little tired, which wasn't exactly a lie, right? Other students continued to talk to you, but you were too caught up in your thoughts that you couldn't really hear them. "..I didn't even get the boy's name!" you now realize as you thought back on the accident earlier.
Yeaaaaaaaaaaay! I tried writing my own fanfic 
It's my first so yeah xD notreallygoodwithwritingstoriesandsuchbutwhatevxP
If you guys like it and request for more I'll work on the second chapter :D
-ps; if you guys didn't kno what 'pin pon pan pon' meant, it was like the sound of the school bell :P
All characters belong to Shingeki no Kyojin by Hajime Isayama
You're yourself c:
Part 2:…
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nickren Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
dude it's amazing! ᕙ(ˆ▽ˆᕙ) i love that kind of fics where the reader it's beautiful or cute ['cause I'm beautiful (◡‿◡✿) HAHAHAHA :'D well what can i say i love myself so much ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ]...

but Seriously this amazing, and it's getting interesting! I love it.   (งˆ▽ˆ)ง
heophtia Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you so much! Hibiya Amamiya (Moe blush) [V8]
I'm really glad that you enjoyed my story FAV 
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Flandrescarletvampie Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
is there going to be more parts?

heophtia Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist
Yes ^-^
Flandrescarletvampie Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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